What to do with this…

So like byte is dead imo, and this isnt being used. It costs me 5 dollars a month which is particularly free but like does anyone have any ideas? Idk im bored… Maybe remake vine? Remake the old byte app? Shut this down? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe and turn the bell notifications on!


Literalmente es cierto creo que la causa seria por no ser global por que esta perdiendo a muchas personas

I wouldn’t say dead, but at yet another low point. I’d say byte at this point is like a plan B for people. It came back when the U.S. tiktok ban threat was going around only to die when the ban didn’t happen. It came back when clash bought it out and directed their community here, only to die again because the update is taking longer than intended. What happens next is anyone’s guess.


just an idea: would it be odd to try, and get the peach community active here?


oooooh i dont hate that idea…


Thinking about it now; members on peach are there for their friendships, but do use an app.

We found a forum where there was a lot to discuss (at the time). There was a lot of humor, as well but the discussion still had direction. Sad part is when forums die; I’ve never really witnessed it before, but that was rough to see. So coming here would be a bit different for their community, than it was ours.

We started out with a forum, and made friends though forum. I think they had peach from the beginning, so peach could be more important to them. And finding that subset of members that are interested in forum use could split their current communities (friendships).