Hot take:

Rocket league and minecraft are shit games and do not deserve the hype



actually no i change my mind your opinion is wrong you are missing Rust

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you are so wrong. Rust is actually quite enjoyable and I get to troll strangers and yell at them in proximity chat. If you think rust is bad, you should re-evaluate your life

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im sorry but i cant stand people who disagree with me. I suggest you reword your sentences and come back when you have a better opinion.

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you dare disrespect me? wow, i can’t believe you think you’re actually going to win this debacle when my opinion is clearly superior. I can’t stand your superiority complex.

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“think”?!? Ma’am I already won I’m just letting you come in second if you want to qualify. You need to stop setting your expectations so high and pick better arguments next time that you might have a chance at winning.

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I liek mine craf.

minecraft is so boring without mods :roll_eyes:

Minecraft is good go away